Going Nowhere Fast



SPRING BREAK!!! As you can tell today has been a travel day. Don’t get me wrong I love vacation and I love going to the airport and all of that fun stuff, but sitting on an air plane for countless hours wouldn’t be my activity of choice. Long flights can be hard to deal with so here are a few tips for what to bring / wear while traveling!

Tip #1: WEAR SOMETHING COMFORTABLE!!! Wearing comfy clothes is the key to having a successful easy flight, trust me. I will never forget the time I tried to dress cute for a 10 hour overnight plane ride to Italy… I wore skinny jeans.. And let me tell you it was the worst flight of my life. So, instead of wearing jeans opt for something along the lines of yoga pants. Flights can also be either really hot or really cold so be sure to layer up! ( big sweatshirts are my favorite thing to wear on a flight ) it makes it easier to fall asleep in one I think, and if you are hot you can use it as a pillow!

Tip #2: Wear easy shoes to slip on and off. It will make going through security a breeze!

Tip #3 : If you happen to have an early morning flight and probably stayed up the whole night before either packing, or just because you were so bloody excited for your trip that you couldn’t sleep, you are going to want, and crave, and NEED a coffee in the morning. If you plan to get any sleep on the plane, then fight the urge and skip that first morning cup and get it when you land.

Tip #4: Lastly one of the most important tips is to make sure all of your electronics are fully charged and MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR HEADPHONES!!! this will keep you occupied during your flight .

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