I have been to many concerts in my life time. More than the average person, because my best friend owns a box suite at the TD Garden. Her dad also is able to get is tickets to virtually anything we want, anywhere. When we heard Miley Cyrus would be in town we hopped right on that and got tickets immediately. After seeing her in concert you know that performing is in her blood, it comes so naturally to her. She really did put on an amazing show. Alright alright now for the real reason I’m making this post… My OUTFIT! So getting ready for a concert like this I knew I had to wear something a little unique. I figured it would be appropriate to wear a top that was ‘pushing the limits’ so to say. Iliad you can see in the photographs above, I am wearing a royal blue tank top that has a very low cowl neck. Paired with that I wore my high waisted black leggings with gold zippers from Zara. For shoes I threw on my Tory Burch flats for comfort and for jewelry I thought that my neon green and gold spiked necklace from Kate Spade would be the PERFECT thing to complete my look! As for my hair I attempted the signature “Miley” buns on the top of either side of my head… That didn’t look too well with what I was wearing. I did see many girls at the concert sporting this look and let me tell you, they rocked it! But as for me I went with the slicked back top knot, and neutral makeup focusing on my eyelashes and making them HUGE!

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