Pulitzer in Pompeii

Seeing as it is now officially Spring, that only means one thing… It’s time to break out the Lily!!! Do forgive me I have been lacking on my photography so this post is a little bit of a throwback from last April when I went to Italy. The thing with Lily Pulitzer is that the style of the clothes / the way you wear them doesn’t change too much over the past year the company focuses on coming up with new patterns for the upcoming season as opposed to the shape and cut of clothing. Not to say that then don’t change, because they do have new styles every season but they also have old repeating ones as well. Any way with this Lily skirt I almost always pair it with just a simple plain white or in this case navy tank top and a necklace. On this day I was wearing my monogram necklace which I am obsessed with and wear almost every day. For shoes I have on navy Tory Burch flip flops on and my bag is Cole Haan. Last but not least when you are walking around the ruins of Pompeii in April the sun is pretty strong and as you can see it is fully out on this particular day so my sunglasses are your basic gold rimmed Ray Ban aviators.

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