Status Update


Hey guys I am SO SO SOOO sorry i have been seriously lacking on posting on this site. I shouldn’t be making up excuses but i have been extremely busy with scholarship things as well as school work, and boring stuff like that. I will however let you guys know that April will be yet again another busy fun filled month but not the boring type of busy that March was. During April I have a trip to NYC planned with my good friend who I haven’t seen since August to go to an accepted students day with him at FIT which should be very exciting ( even though I wont be attending FIT, Actually Next year for college I will be on the other coast. CALIFORNIA but that wont be happening until the fall so I will tell you guys more about that when Its a little closer to then.) Anyway, as well as a trip to the big apple I will also be going down to Florida to visit a friend whom I haven’t seen since October! Also I may or may not be going to disney with my best friend in the entire world along with my WHOLE family!!! so I am super excited for that. Lastly I am going to see Miley Cyrus next week and I will be attending Boston Bruins games while spending a lot of time in Boston! so as you can see April will be a pretty hectic month…. BUT these are all amazing opportunities to blog about so I cant wait and Stay tuned for more upcoming blog posts!

P.S. if you guys want me to review anything or style anything, or have any questions about anything feel free to leave a comment! or even e-mail me if you would like. I love hearing feedback from you guys and your opinions on things!

P.S.S. Hope you guys like this picture of a random chandelier I took a picture of in my house!


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