As you can probably assume by the title I am traveling today! (Thank God) today I will be escaping the two feet of snow in Boston and venturing to the beautiful island of the Bahamas! This will not be the first time I have journeyed to this tropical escape and let me tell you I can not wait to get back there! Traveling has always been a favorite hobby of mine. The hustle and bustle of an airport, the airport attire, packing ect. I just L .O.V.E it! In the picture above you can clearly see my traveling MUSTS ! (Apart from my backpack and suitcase filled with clothes, makeup, jewlery, ect. A Magazine preferably fashion is a must for me to keep busy on the plane. More often than not I travel in the morning so a cup of Starbucks is required! Well I wouldn’t be able to travel anywhere without my passport, on mine I have a passport case from J.crew. Most people think passport covers are silly and stupid, but I love having one because i always know that this one is mine! A pair of sunglasses is a staple wether your traveling to a warm climate or not. The sun is ALWAYS gonna be peeking through no matter where you go. Last but not least my Louis Vuitton Coin purse is perfect if you don’t want to carry a big wallet. It fits a few credit cards, your ID and some cash! Perfect size! Hope you guys enjoy I’ll keep you updated on my trip and stay tuned I will be posting a Lookbook video of my trip outfits on my YouTube and I will link it in one of my next post!! Xxx Haley

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