Arctic Monkeys, or Polar Gorillas?




So obviously who dosn’t like the Arctic Monkeys?! They are your perfect mix of boy band, hipster, and british. As you can see I just went to their concert. Unfortunately I did not get a decent picture of my outfit (which was pretty boring all black obv anyway) but I will TRY TRY TRY to get good pics of my outfits when I go out, I just can not guarantee a pic every time. So the story with this concert is… I received a text from an old friend who I haven’t seen in a while, asking if I wanted to go to the Arctic Monkeys concert with her. Obviously I said yes right away, we bought the tickets the day of the concert and we ended up getting front row and only paying $45!!! So that was amazing. Next thing THE Alex Turner throws his guitar pic into the crowd, everyone was going crazy trying to catch it, but no one realized it had fallen to the ground except me. After everyone freaks out I slowly bent down and picked my jacket up. The moment I picked my jacket up the baby blue guitar pic fell to the ground and the person standing next to me snatched it up. I was and still am pissed. Anyway the concert was AMAZING and I can’t believe how close we were, it was such an amazing experience.

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